Breakfast until 3pm / Lunch from 11am — 5pm


Organic toast with King Valley butter, house jams, vegemite, P&N butter Fruit bread or sourdough 6.8

Fig loaf with whipped ricotta and cold press honey 7.0


Quinoa, chia, dates, apricot, fresh coconut and berries. 12.0


Blueberry marble mousse, almonds, macadamia praline and syrup 17.0

Lafeh Wrap

Cumin eggs, labne, mint, olives, tomato, zaatar 13.0 + bacon 3.0

Middle South Eggs

Middle Eastern bake, Persian feta, fresh chilli, sujok, chunky bread and poached eggs 18.0


Homemade Mddle Eastern lamb bake with pine nuts, hummus, avocado, heirloom tomato and poached eggs 18.0


Poached eggs with Persian feta, lime, crushed avocado with zaatar oil on organic toast 17.0

  • bacon 3.0
  • salmon 4.0

Homage to Teta

Cumin scrambled eggs, filled zucchini, labne, mujadra and baked mushroom on chunky organic sourdough 18.0

Free Range Eggs

Poached, scrambled or fried on toast 9.0 for sides, see extras #meetyouinthemiddle follow @middlesoutheast

Eastern Patties

Sweet potato and chickpea, bacon, grilled haloumi cheese, black Araak tomato
with poached eggs and Zough 19.0

Sahteyn Sahtein

Broccoli, ancient quinoa grains, corn salsa, kale, sugar snap peas, avocado, hummus and poached egg 18.0

  • chicken 3.0


Slow cooked pork shoulder, spinach, poached eggs, harissa hollandaise sauce
on organic Brioche 17.0

Signature Aubergine

Lamb, mujadara with a Middle Eastern salad 19.0

Middle Burger

Wagu Beef pattie, onion jam, cabbage slaw, beetroot, crispy potato, smoked cheddar and sweet potato chips 18.5

Haloumi Burger

Grilled haloumi, field mushroom, cabbage slaw, beetroot, harissa aioli served with chips 16.8

Middle Breakfast Deluxe

Bacon, Mushroom, tomato, potato rosti, sausage. 20.0

Chicken Shawarma Wrap

Chicken Shawarma haloumi wrap with tomato, lettuce and harissa aioli 14.0

Lamb Salata

Lamb loin, quinoa, fresh pickled veg, beetroot, tomato, Persian feta and pomegranate 19.0

Open Pulled Pork

Slow cooked free-range pork, Rye toast, pickled veg, poached apple, caramelised onion, chipotle mayo and hand cut chips 18.0


Panko chicken fillet, smoked eggplant salsa, halloumi cheese, hand-cut chips and greens 18.0
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Fish for One

Pan-seared Rockling fillet, kaffir lime rice, wasabi avocado mousse with silverbeet 19.0

Falafel Super Salad

Baby wild leaves, halloumi cheese, pickled julienne veg, heirloom tomato and hummus 17.0

  •  shawarma chicken 3.5

From the Display

Fresh home-made baguettes, wraps and assorted salads


  • Gluten free bread 1.0 each
  • extra egg 2.0 each
  • wilted spinach, mushrooms, roasted tomato 3.5 each
  • Yarra Valley Persian feta, avocado, truffle hollandaise 4.0 each
  • baked beans, house-hash brown, Sujok, Australian free range bacon, salon 5.0 each


  • Kipfler potato chips with thyme rosemary salt and crisp garlic 7.0
  • Greens with crispy shallots, garlic and almond 7.0
  • House side salad with balsamic 7.0
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  • Available from 4pm to late.
  • Mezze options with dips, zaatar & Lebanese bread
  • Choose 3 dishes below for 22.0 per person or
  • Choose 5 dishes below for 35.0 per person
  • (min. 2 people required)
  • Falafel, pickled cucumber, coriander, Labnah (v)
  • deep fried cauliflower with spicy tahini (v)
  • Roasted cauliflower hummus, Wagyu beef, Amlou, pine nuts
  • Za’atar lamb cutlets, white bean, lemon & herb puree Chermoula rubbed pork belly, Tabouli, harissa yogurt
  • Pomegranate molasses glazed salmon, spiced chickpea salad, Dukkah, preserved orange
  • Sumac roasted chicken wings, carrot & cumin puree, burghul
  • Lamb sambusak, pine nut, baharat, capsicum, corn & mint salsa, Labneh
  • Select from the following dishes
  • #meetyouinthemiddle follow @middlesoutheast


  • Roasted potato thyme and rosemary salt 6.0
  • Sautéed greens 6.0
  • Mixed salad with fresh seasonal vegetables 7.0
  • Hummus and baked mushroom 8.0
  • Eggplant salsa and mutable 8.0
  • Hand-cut chips with chipotle mayo 9.0


  • Chocolate fondant 10.0
  • Please ask about our Middle Eastern daily sweets
  • Sticky date pudding 10.0
  • Crème brûlée 11.0
  • Saraya panacotta 11.0
  • Please see display for pastries and scrolls 5.5